With its strategic position on the far west coast of the British Isles, and a natural sheltered harbour from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, its always been a natural settlement point.

Modern Tenby provides many attractions and activities for both local residents and out of season tourists to enjoy. There are more than 200 listed buildings and other structures in and around Tenby. 


The old town castle walls still survive, as does the Victorian revival architecture, which has been retained and maintained, often in a high-light orientated pastel colour scheme, making the town more French Riviera-esque in nature and feel. The economy is still highly based around tourism, supported by the provision of a range of craft, art and local goods stores, which has been created by a thriving artist community.

History of the IRONWORKS:

Only a few miles from Saundersfoot, lies the village of Stepaside. In the 1840's a thriving industrial community with coalmining and ironmaking grew up here.


The substantial remains of the ironworks and colliery are still impressive today. There was a row of lime kilns, two blast furnaces with blowing engines, coke ovens and even a foundry.

These romantic ruins are now Scheduled Ancient Monuments.


Connecting them with the harbour at Saundersfoot was a horse drawn railway offering an attractive walk between the village and the coast. Today this lovely path follows a stream directly alongside Heritage Park.

Heritage Park